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We provide care of our patients who live outside of Chile, with a service characterized by the prestige and quality of our medical team, care at the forefront  scientific advances, and modern equipment. 

We implement a seal of safety and quality in every process we carry out. As a result, we obtained an outstanding rating of 99% in the accreditation from the National Health Superintency and our patients declare an overall satisfaction of 92% with the service we provide. 


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Why choose us?

At Clínica UANDES we offer you highly complex treatments in cardiac, traumatological, oncological, gynecological, urological, otorhinolaryngological and neurological surgeries, among others. 

  • Interventions of medium and high complexity for the treatment of various diseases
  • At the forefront of maternal fetal medicine
  • The largest stem cell laboratory in Latin America
  • Referents in minimally invasive surgery and outpatient surgery
  • Leaders in trauma surgery
  • Advanced techniques in neurosurgery
  • Robotic surgery program
  • Cancer Center with a patient-focused care model, which addresses this disease in all its stages and throughout its process

Learn more about our Cancer Center in the following video: 

The prestige of our professionals has allowed us to consolidate quality care, in addition to various agreements that make us stand out as one of the most important Clinics in Chile. 

  • Patients choose us for the prestige of our medical team and the quality of service we provide
  • Experts in more than 70 specialties, national and international benchmarks in their discipline
  • Sports agreements with the Chilean Olympic Committee, Audax Italiano Football Club and Fireflies
  • Alliance of second medical opinions with the Massachusetts General Hospital of Harvard University, a unique agreement in Latin America
  • Interdisciplinary work that includes all clinical staff involved in patient care

Leaders in medical technology, with state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to be at the forefront. 

  • We have the largest cell therapy laboratory in Latin America
  • Da Vinci Robot
  • Integrated General, Hemodynamics and Maternity Pavilions
  • Comprehensive Childbirth Care Rooms (SAIP)
  • Adult, Pediatric and Neonatological Critical Patient Units
  • Blood bank
  • 56,000 m2 building, designed with the demanding criteria of the Joint Commission International
  • The most modern PET-CT in the region, allowing the detection of small nodular lesions and providing a better experience for the patient
  • Independent areas for Oncological Hospitalization and Mental Health
  • Unique charge CT in Latin America to diagnose injuries in the lower extremities 

We focus on the care and dignified treatment of the patient and their family, obtaining excellent results in the Satisfaction and Experience Survey carried out by Indaga (FBA consulting). 

  • 92% in overall Satisfaction Index in our patients
  • 82% in global Word of Mouth Index (IBB)

For our international patients, we have an entire unit dedicated to organizing and coordinating their care before, during, and after their stay at our Clinic. 

Learn more about our Clinic in the following video: 

What does our International Patient Unit do?

Before your visit

  • We receive and evaluate the patient's medical history, and we provide alternative specialists for each case 

  • We schedule a first appointment by telemedicine 

  • We manage the budget for the estimation of costs in relation to diagnosis and treatment 

  • We organize your appointment and exam plan in a more comfortable and efficient way 

  • We manage the necessary authorizations and procedures with your international insurance company 

  • We recommend places of accommodation and we can manage an ambulance plane if required. 

During your visit

  • We receive and guide you during your visit to the Clinic 

  • We make it easy to communicate during your medical care in another language (English, French, Japanese and Portuguese) 

After your visit

  • We take care of checking that you have all your necessary medical documentation such as medical reports, prescriptions, follow-up instructions, copies of imaging tests and documents required by commercial Airlines 

  • We offer you a translation service of the medical report into your language 

  • We plan your medical control and follow-up appointments 

Questions or more information about preferential care for International Patients: 
Telephones: (56) 22 618 3594 / (56) 22 618 3593 / (56) 22 618 3035 


We invite you to learn about all the specialties of Clínica Universidad de los Andes, with experienced professionals and care focused on the well-being of the patient and their family.

What do our patients say?

  • International patient

    I congratulate the staff of the International Patient Unit (Bernardita and Jonathan) for the cordial attention provided, as well as the efficiency demonstrated in the procedures that, as international patients, we have required. This makes the service provided excellent. Thank you so much!


The Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport is the main air terminal in Chile, located in the commune of Pudahuel, about 15 kilometers from downtown Santiago and 36 kilometers from our Clinic. 

It offers a wide variety of transportation services. The most convenient and safest option is to opt for one of the official services, located in the landing sector of the terminal. 


Santiago is located in a Mediterranean climate zone, with hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. The temperatures are mild and pleasant, with an annual average of 14°C. 

Summer (December to February): hot and dry, with average temperatures ranging between 12°C and 29°C. 

Winters (June to August): colder and with a probability of rain, with average temperatures ranging from 3°C to 15°C. 

Spring and Autumn: Transition seasons, with average temperatures ranging from 5°C to 24°C. 

How to get to the Clinic?

Taxi: The main option is to take a taxi directly from the hotel to the Clinic. Travel time and cost will depend on the location of the hotel and the traffic at the time. 

Metro - Public transport: You must take the Metro to Los Dominicos station (Line 1). From there, you can take a taxi or a bus to the Clinic. 

We recommend planning ahead for your trip and checking routes and times to ensure you arrive on time for your appointment. 

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